Friday, February 17, 2012

US court covering all bases: charges spiraling for Megaupload

File-sharing website Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom, along with several of the company's other executives, are now facing new charges added by an American grand jury to those previously brought against them.
According to an indictment made public on Friday, Megaupload and its staff are accused of using copyrighted content from YouTube and several other sites. Dotcom, a German national born Kim Schmitz, faces extradition to the US from new Zealand. He and six of his associates are now charged with eight additional counts of copyright infringement and wire fraud, in association with a series of allegations that Megaupload executives reproduced copyrighted materials from various sites and placed them on their file-sharing site. They are also accused of distorting the origins of content posted to, showing it as primarily user-generated, instead of copyright-infringing content.

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Pirate Bay hits out at delusional recording industry

FILE SHARING WEB SITE The Pirate Bay has responded to criticisms from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), painting the organisation as quite mad.
The RIAA fired the first salvo in the war of words, as other battles are being waged online and in government, when it accused The Pirate Bay of being a dreadful copyright thief.
The RIAA was commenting on the Pirate Bay's decision to upsticks and move to a Swedish .se web domain and accused it of being brazen, and "one of the worst of the worst".

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Publishers make bid to close filesharing sites

A coalition of US publishing groups has taken legal action in Ireland in a bid to close websites they accuse of copyright infringement.

The crackdown came as the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency announced it would treat illicit filesharing websites as organised crime threats and seized the domain of one popular music site.

Ireland-based websites and were served with cease and desist court orders on Tuesday after two major publishing groups accused the sites of earning $10.6m (£6.7m) in revenue a year.

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European Court Of Justice Rules Against File Sharing Filters On Social Networking Sites

In what could be termed as a severe blow upon copyright holder's campaign against online piracy, the European Court of Justice ruled that social networking sites cannot be compelled to introduce filters - in order to block illegal file sharing by their users.
The court illustrated that introducing such filters in social media sites could breach users' privacy, and right to gain and impart information.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Filesonic commits suicide

In what looks like a preventive measure in reaction to the Megaupload shutdown, FileSonic has disabled all file sharing capabilities and is now nothing more than a personal storage solution.

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Megaupload millionaire Dotcom's mansion seized

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – An associate of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was released from custody on bail in New Zealand on Thursday, as the NZ $4.3 million (U.S. $3.6 million) home of his former boss was seized.

Finn Batato, 38, and Bram van der Kolk, 29, were officially granted bail in Auckland's North Shore District Court last week but remained in custody while their homes were assessed for the installation of electronic monitoring,the New Zealand Herald reported.

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